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Submersible Pond Filters

Submersible pond filters are an economical solution for adding a filtration system to your pond or fountain. Highly recommended for smaller installations or additions to existing filtration systems. All submersible pond filters function by mechanical (foam media) filtration, with a few suped up versions offering mechanical, biological (media, lava rock or bio balls) and UV (germicidal lamp) filtration. Because these are submersible filters, you will need to have easy access to the unit in order to rinse off the foam media.

In this system, a filter sits at the bottom of your pond. A submersible pump creates the suction to draw water through your filter, then pushes the filtered water to a fountain or waterfall where it re-circulates back into your pond.

It's a good idea to size up with these units which will reduce maintenance requirements. We carry an extensive line of submersible pond filter systems, including complete kits, biological, and  UV options, as well as fountain filter systems. 


Combines pump, filter, UV and fountain into one complete unit. Ideal for small and pre-formed ponds needing simple effective filtration.


    Laguna Submersible pond filters are simple to install and generally provide a combination of mechanical and biological filtration to keep ponds clean and the fish healthy. The units are placed directly into your pond and are useful for smaller ponds.


    Lifegard submersible pond, water garden or fountain filters combine mechanical and biological filtration to remove pollutants from water. The long lasting 2-stage Mechanical sponge filters are easily cleaned while the Biological media is safely contained inside sturdy material. 


    Oase AquaMax Satellite Pond Filter

    With the OASE underwater filters you create a small water paradise even where space is at a premium. Decorative pools, such as galvanized troughs or wine barrels, thus even small ponds remain sustainably clear.