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Laguna Submersible Pond Filters

Water is drawn through submersible pond filters by a submersible pump, which can be attached to the filter either internally or externally and then discharged into the pond. Because they tend to pick up all the debris from the pond bottom, submersible pond filters protect the pump from clogging and keep the water clean and clear.  Laguna Submersible pond filters are simple to install and generally provide a combination of mechanical and biological filtration to keep ponds clean and the fish healthy. The units are placed directly into your pond and are useful for smaller ponds.
Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV unit is the perfect way to combine powerful water movement whilst still being able to create beautiful water features in your pond. Easy to install, with just one cable, PowerClear Multi is the easy way to a clear and healthy pond. 


Laguna mechanical and biological top filter is suitable for PT795 and PT796 (without pump) and is ideal for use with the following:

for ponds up to 500 gallons

for quarantine tanks for trade installations.

Measures 34 x 12 x 13 inches.