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Submersible and Surface Pond Lighting by OASE

Illuminate your pond or landscape at night with the variety of energy efficient lighting options offered by OASE. With mesmerizing lighting that is sure to impress, you'll be amazed at how beautiful your water feature looks once the sun goes down! 

Lighting is an often overlooked aspect of pond design and should be considered for all ponds even during construction. Sometimes as little as a single well-placed light makes all the difference. If you have a waterfall, try up-lighting the falling water. Hide a spotlight along the side of the pond to illuminate fish and koi for dramatic effect. Or illuminate marginal plants from below the water surface to complement your landscape lighting. Convenience is part of the LunAqua series design, as all the cables and even the transformer can be submerged and hidden in the pond so that there are no unsightly cables to hide out of the pond. This is modern outdoor lighting at its finest!


Begin with LunaLED's classic subtle white light - perfect for any occasion. If the mood calls for it, switch the lens to raging red, daring blue, calming yellow or soothing green. The design of the light set allows for use in or out of the water - providing increased flexibility and drama. It's compact ensuring discretion and easy integration into garden or pond design.


The LunAqua 5.1 underwater halogen light produces ample, warm light for illuminating ponds and fountains and can be used to light much larger areas than smaller low-voltage bulbs, without the need of a transformer.


The LunAqua 10 pond light illuminates pond and landscape alike as a medium angle floodlight. The fixture can accommodate halogen bulbs put to 75W submersed; With lower wattage bulbs (50W and below), LunAqua 10 can be used outside of the water. The light uses an ingenious connection system that allows for quick and safe connection to the OASE UST-150 underwater transformer.

The PondJet floating fountain can be turned into your pond's centerpiece by adding the PondJet Lighting system.  With simple assembly your pond will have not only the beauty of moving water, but will draw your guests in with the welcoming glow of illuminated water!


This outdoor underwater safety transformer can be installed below the water surface. 
Connection of lights is easy with the innovative connection technology.  Power Cable Length: 20 ft. (primary) It can power up to 150 watts of lights: 4 x 35 watt bulbs, 3 x 50 watt bulbs, 2 x 75 watt bulbs, or 4 x 10 LED spotlights.  Totally weatherproof, this transformer can be used underwater and offers additional flexibility with a 20 ft. main power cable.