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LunAqua Underwater Transformer by OASE
LunAqua Underwater Transformer by OASE

LunAqua Underwater Transformer by OASE

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The Underwater Transformer is a submersible and safe power station that is expandable and easy to install.  The Underwater Transformer is a great benefit to any pond owner that wants to put in lights, but does not want unattractive wires exposed on or around your shore line.  With a little bit of planning you can run power to your pond underground/underwater and never have any wires running in our out of your pond.

The Underwater Transformer uses an ingenious connection system that allows for quick and safe connections underwater and outside the pond.  The connection is made of watertight materials and connects in such a way as to not allow anything into it that nature can put out.  This connection is universal for all OASE products.

The Underwater Transformer is capable of being completely submerged and comes with IP68 Certification.  This affords you the opportunity to have all your lighting wires hidden under the surface of the water. Keep your pond shore clear of wiring with the Underwater Transformer from OASE.

Underwater Transformer
UST 150
Dimensions 6 x 5.1 x 3.5 in.
Output Voltage 12VDC / 150 Watts
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60HZ
Number of Connections 4 Underwater Connections