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Pond Lights Underwater and Surface Lights


Underwater and floating lights are used to highlight and enhance the features of your water garden or fountains at night. Lighting adds an element which allows you to extend the enjoyment of your pond past sunset. Most underwater lighting uses safe 12 volt halogen lamps attached to transformers which are UL and CSA listed for outdoor use. Many transformers are available on the market; however, not all are certified for outdoor/underwater use. Color lenses also allow you to illuminate your pond or fountain to suit your mood. Don't see what you want? Please call us at 678-674-5537.


Alpine offers a wide variety of lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Their entire line includes both halogen & LED lights, along with solar powered units and submersible pond lights. These lights are perfect for fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and garden landscapes. In addition, most of their lighting products come with a 2-year warranty, interchangeable lenses, garden stakes, and the ability to chain multiple lights into a single transformer.


Extend the beauty of your water feature or hardscape after dark with Atlantic's LED lighting systems. Whether you prefer Warm White or Color Changing, solid brass SOL Lights use energy efficient, long lasting LEDs.


Innovative LED and halogen lighting options give you the ability to "sculpt" water and landscapes with light, adding just the right amount of brightness and color saturation to inspire, soothe, and invigorate a special occasion. Controlling your pumps, lighting and equipment is made easy with our selection of timers and controllers, so you can add a splash of color to your pond or water feature.
EasyPro offers one of the largest selections of underwater lighting. Discover a whole new dimension to any water feature through the addition of lighting. Watch fish dart around and enjoy a pond, lake, or water feature late into the evening hours. From Halogen to LED systems, we have a lighting solution for nearly every application.


With skillfully placed lighting your pond can show itself in its best light in the evening hours. Set the right accents, quickly and easily: With the LED and halogen illumination product range from OASE, lighting highlights can be installed underwater and above the water surface.


Available in LED and halogen lighting. Savio lights can be added as accents in or out of the water.