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UltraClear SST Super Strength Treatment
UltraClear SST Super Strength Treatment

UltraClear SST Super Strength Treatment

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Super Strength Treatment for clarifying severe problem ponds. SST is specialized for ponds with poor surface clarity.

  • Restore water purity and clarity to pond surface, water column and pond bottom.
  • Digests sediment and eliminates odors.
  • 100% Live bacteria is safe for fish and wildlife.

Dosage: Use 1 oz weekly for every 150 gallons. 
Treats up to 1,800 gallons per 12 oz.

  • Ucl6010: 12 oz. 
  • Ucl6000: 32 oz.
  • Ucl6005: 1 gal

How Does UltraClear SST Work?

Mats of long filaments and scum that float on the pond surface are the source of pond clarity problems. These mats often break apart quite easily, which means that they may sometimes be difficult to remove with a net. Break-up and decay also causes undesirable suspended solids that can't be easily removed from the water.

Compared to the UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier and UltraClear Sludge Digester products, UltraClear SST is super enriched with bacillus bacteria. UltraClear SST contains the following:

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Degrades starches and carbohydrates

Bacillus subtilis. Degrades starches, proteins, and fats

Bacillus licheniformis. Converts nitrate to nitrogen gas

Cellulomonas biazotea. Digests cellulose

Each of these bacteria is recognized as safe, non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacteria. Each of these bacteria will regularly be found in any pond. However, they will not normally be present in numbers sufficient to improve the clarity in your pond. These bacteria work together to consume nutrients that are the source of undesirable growth that contributes to the clarity problem. Clarity generally improves within 2 to 3 weeks of using Ultra Clear SST. Regular monthly use provides excellent control.

How Safe is Ultra Clear SST

The bacterial species included in UltraClear SST are recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as Biosafety Level 1 bacteria. CDC and ATCC give the following definition of Biosafety Level 1 bacteria:

'ATCC cultures and related products are classified by biosafety level (BSL) in an effort to provide guidance to the user on potential risk. The classification is based on assessment of the potential risk using U.S. Public Health Service guidelines, with assistance provided by ATCC scientific advisory committees. Those items in BSL-1 have no known potential to cause disease in humans or animals.' 

Dosage Instructions

The dosage of UltraClear SST is based on the volume of water in pond. Generally, use 1 ounce for every 150 gallons of pond water.

The required frequency of product dosing will vary between once per week to once per month in most cases. If you are simply trying to prevent a problem that seems to occur each year, start dosing UltraClear SST before you have a problem, and repeat once a month during those months when you have normally experienced blooms.or growth in your pond.

If you are treating an existing problem, dose once a week until the problem is solved, then revert to dosing monthly or as needed.

For severe problems, dose daily until the pond shows improvement. That will mean that you observe a brownish look associated with decay. At this time, switch to once a week dosing. Then continue until the problem is solved, at which time you may revert to the standard monthly doses, or as needed.

You cannot harm your pond by overdosing. But remember that all biological solutions take more time to show results than would chemical techniques. By following the above dosage guidelines, you will achieve the best mix of rapid results without wasting product.

For best results, mix the required dose of UltraClear SST into a gallon of pond water, shake or mix well, then distribute the mixture around the pond. Put most of the product in the areas where you have a problem. Apply greater amounts of the product directly to areas where the problem in the worst.