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UltraClear Farm Dry Blue
UltraClear Farm Dry Blue

UltraClear Farm Dry Blue

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A concentrated water colorant in Water Soluble Packets for shading large ponds and lakes.
It only takes three of the 4-oz WSP’s to treat an acre of water (based on an average depth of 4 feet).

UltraClear Farm Dry Blue provides a beautiful blue tint for your lake or large pond! UltraClear Farm Dry Blue is formulated to instantly dye pond water blue. This product also blocks sunlight and is an excellent tool for providing a pleasant visual appearance versus water with unsightly suspended solids floating in it.

UltraClear Farm Dry Blue is completely biodegradable. It is organic. It will be neutralized by many natural pond bacteria. This means that the blue color will dissipate within a month or two, depending on the particulars of the pond in question. Best of all, this means that there is no toxic or problematic build up from use of the product. This product is a great tool for pond enthusiasts. 

The mode of action of this product is very simple. When used according to direction, a significant portion of sunlight is blocked. That means that the energy that most algae use for growth is limited. This product still permits the growth of some algae. After all, algae are a natural and required component of an aquatic system. However, a severe algae bloom is symptomatic of an environmental imbalance. This product is simply a tool to help restore the aquatic system to a natural balance.

Our product is completely organic. It does not contain any metals, or biologically non-degradable dye. That means that there are no problems with toxic build up from continued product use.

Dosage Instructions:

Use three of the 4-ounce water soluble packs per surface acre (average depth of 4 feet). Just toss the water soluble packs in separate areas of the pond or lake. UltraClear Farm Dry Blue is very concentrated. For best results, use one half of the specified dosage per treatment. Repeat treatment until desired shading is achieved. Wait 8 hours before repeating treatment. Note: Excess tint may block too much sunlight which can be harmful to plants. 

UltraClear Farm Dry Blue is highly concentrated. That gives the user the best economy possible. And the high concentration is achieved without making the product dangerous to the user, animals, desirable plants, or the environment.

How safe is UltraClear Farm Dry Blue?

This product should be treated like any household chemical. That means keep it out of the reach of children, and use appropriate caution when handling the product. Use according to directions. As long as the product is used as designed, it provides excellent benefits (a beautiful blue color and reduced algae problems) without being dangerous in any way.