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UltraClear BioFilter Sure-Start
UltraClear BioFilter Sure-Start

UltraClear BioFilter Sure-Start

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In order to protect your aquatic environment, a balanced biomass is required. 

Starting a biofilter often takes weeks before a proper biomass is established. Use of UltraClear Filter Start provides all of the bacteria needed to keep your pond healthy.

How Does it Work?

UltraClear Filter Start is a super-concentrated mixture of natural garden bacteria that work together to consume all typical pond wastes. The main bacteria groups contained in this product and their functions are as follows:

  • Nitrifying bacteria oxidize toxic ammonia and nitrite to relatively non-toxic nitrate.
  • Denitrifying bacteria convert nitrate to completely harmless nitrogen gas.
  • Sludge digesting bacteria consume fecal matter, dead algae, leaves, clippings and other solids which otherwise tend to build up in your pond.

Once the product is dosed, it becomes part of the biofilter. The bacteria grow in the biofilter, and consume waste as pond water passes through. The best feature of this product is that the biofilter begins to work at peak efficiency within just a few days of product application, rather than the weeks it often takes without product use.

How Safe is UltraClear Filter Start

The bacterial species included in UltraClear Filter Start are recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as Biosafety Level 1 bacteria. CDC and ATCC give the following definition of Biosafety Level 1 bacteria


Use UltraClear Filter Start whenever starting a new biofilter, at the start of pond season, or after a known or suspected upset such as accidental overfeeding, medication, extreme temperatures or chemical shock.

Use 2 ounces per dose for biofilters that flow up to 3 gallons per minute (gpm). Use 4 ounces for biofilters that flow from 3 to 6 gpm. Dose near intake to biofilter to ensure best results.

You cannot harm your pond or your biofilter by overdosing. But remember that all biological solutions take some time to show results. Generally, one dose will get the biofilter starter. We recommend applying a second dose one week after the initial dose is applied, but the second dose will not always be needed. After the start up period, reapply once a month, or as needed