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Sicce Submersible Syncra High Flow Pond Pump
Sicce Submersible Syncra High Flow Pond Pump

Sicce Submersible Syncra High Flow Pond Pump

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SYNCRA POND PUMPS - with fountain and intake filter

For BIG Applications! Syncra High Flow models incorporate new leading edge technology, combined with the new electronic engineering of the motor, assures optimized performances while maintaining low power consumption and maximum energy efficiency. The advanced rot0r, ceramic shaft, and bearings are protected behind a filtered differential pressure partition. This partition pumps filtered water over the impeller and shaft thus keeping it cool while protecting it from debris to lengthen service life. The enhanced rotor is outside this filtered partition and is protected from damage by the advanced computer board.
  • Standard threaded inlets and outlets for easy hook up with fittings for any application
  • Saves up to 50% of electrical costs over comparably rated pumps
  • Shuts off if clogged and cannot self-cleanse after 5 attempts
  • Designed for submerged and inline external use
  • Great for surface skimmers, pressure filters and water features
  • Compact design
  • Use in horizontal and/or vertical positions
  • CE, UL, ELT and CETL listed
  • 3-year warranty - 5-year with on-line product registration
Advantages of synchronous motors engineered by Sicce -
Synchronous motors have many advantages over non-synchronous motors, speed is independent of the load. Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible. Maximum energy conservation with smoother rotation, fewer vibrations, less heat transfer. Rotors are smaller than asynchronous motors with better performance. Sicce motors offer the highest power factor, higher head pressure and higher flow per watt. With a power-factor (efficiency rating) of .99, they are beyond compare with most pumps being .56. They simply will pay for themselves over competing brands.