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Pondtabbs Aquatic Plant Food Tablets
Pondtabbs Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

Pondtabbs Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

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PONDTABBS® water soluble tablets combine controlled nitrogen release with rapid nutrient availability in a form which provides optimum feeding for all of your aquatic plants. 
When used as directed this product will not effect algae growth or have any negative effect on fish. 
It is recommended that you feed your plants monthly during the growing season at a rate of one tablet per gallon of soil. 
When the water temperature rises above 72 degrees feeding should be increased to every two weeks. 
Insert the PONDTABBS® with your finger deep into the soil three inches from the crown of the plant. When using multiple tablets, space them uniformly around the plant. Nutrients will release within five minutes. 

Specially formulated tablets feed aquatic plants and do not release chemicals into the water which cause algae growth.

10-14-8 analysis.

Plt0175 - 20 tabs

Plt0176 - 60 tabs

Plt0178 - 300 tabs

Plt0177 - 1000 tabs

Plt0179 - 4000 tabs 


Pondtabbs Jr., a smaller tablet for marginal plants. 

Plt0174 - 250 tabs

Plt0172 - 2000 tabs