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PondCare API Accu-Clear  Water Treatments
PondCare API Accu-Clear  Water Treatments

PondCare API Accu-Clear Water Treatments

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Accu-Clear™ is a unique colorless polymer that rapidly eliminates cloudy pond water. Accu-Clear is environmentally safe and non-toxic to fish, plants, and other pond life. Newly established ponds may develop cloudy water during the first few weeks. Most cloudy pond water is caused by the build-up of organic matter in the pond, such as uneaten fish food, fish waste and dead plants. Blooms can be stimulated by certain nutrients released from this decomposing organic matter. (See Pond-Zyme Plus for information on eliminating organic build-up.) Additionally, pond maintenance such as water changes, filter cleaning, and aquatic plant gardening can stir up dirt and debris. In all these instances, Pond Care ACCU­ CLEAR will quickly restore pond water to a crystal­ clear condition. Accu-Clear eliminates all forms of cloudy water caused by dirt, silt and particles. Accu-Clear works by causing tiny suspended cloud particles in pond water to clump together, forming microscopic clusters. The clusters quickly fall to the bottom of the pond and are removed by the pond filter. Use Pond Care® Pond Zyme® Plus after Accu-Clear to keep pond bottoms and filters free of decomposing dead algae, plants and fish waste, which can cloud the pond.  Unlike many other water clarifiers, Accu-Clear WILL work in acidic water. Accu-Clear is formulated to work at any pH and is not affected by the presence of other Pond Care® products.

  • Quickly clears cloudy pond water.
  • Helps filters work more efficiently.
  • Maintains crystal-clear pond water.
  • Use in conjunction with Pond Zyme Plus for a cleaner clearer pond.
  • Eliminates floating partials. 
  • Use weekly.
  • Use whenever a cloudy haze appears after cleaning the pond.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 8 oz size treats 2,400 US Gallons
  • 16 oz size treats 4,800 US Gallons
  • 64 oz size treats 19,200 US Gallons