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MultiCyclone 50 Pre-Filtration Unit

MultiCyclone 50 Pre-Filtration Unit

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The MultiCyclone is a brilliant new prefiltration device that can save you water, minimize pond maintenance, and help your water quality.

  • Increase Pressure Filter Performance while Reducing Backwash Frequency
  • Increase the performance of your pressure filter by installing the Multi-Cyclone 50 pre-filter after the external pump.

The Multi-Cyclone 50 is a "Centrifugal, Solids Separation" pre-filter that literally spins particles (20-100 µm) out of suspension. They then settle inside the Multi-Cyclone's sediment bowl, where they remain until drained. Removing solids prior to the pressure filter decreases required cleaning frequencies and the amount of waste waster used.

Multi-Cyclone 50 Pre-Filter Advantages

  • No Moving Parts to Wear and No Filter Media to Clean or Replace
  • Removes Particles Between20-100 µm (Microns)
  • Reduces Backwash Frequency of Existing Filters
  • Extends the Life of Filter Media