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Laguna Submersible Powerjet Pump
Laguna Submersible Powerjet Pump

Laguna Submersible Powerjet Pump

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Laguna "Electronic" Fountain Pumps employ an integrated electronic circuit board to continuously control impeller speed and force. This technological advancement has produced the most powerful, energy efficient pumps on the market today. Compare watt to watt, gallon to gallon, Laguna Pumps outperform.

  • Universal Click-fit inlet connection for Underwater PowerFlo filters.
  • Ergonomic pump handle for easy transportation.
  • Telescopic Removable Riser Stem.
  • "3 Tier"' and "Water bell" Fountain heads included. Optional "Foam Jet" Fountain head available.
  • Large surface capacity for maximum mechanical filtration.
  • Flow control valves for fountain head and diverter connection.
  • Powerjet 600 - Powerjet 2400 - 16' cord length
  • Powerjet 2900 -- 25' Cord Length