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Dynamo External Pump Models

Dynamo External Pump Models

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These are versatile and workhorse pumps. Excellence in hydraulic engineering and providing that elusive combination of high efficiency, quiet operation and longevity. Run on low speed for energy efficient operation. Run on high speed when you need to backwash some filters (excluding AquaBead or AlphaONE as these filters backwash easily on low speed) or when you want to make your waterfall roar, exercise your koi or simply add oxygen to the pond. Go from low to high with the flick of a switch and back again! Available in 3 sizes. Price includes cord and basket assembly. 1.5" openings, 1.5" x 2" unions available. One year warranty.
 3/4 Horsepower, 2 Speed
Here is a pump that is perfect for a pond up to 5000 gallons, running on low speed at 2.6 amps (8.8 on high speed) means you are not using very much electricity but still flowing 2400 gallons per hour. When you need it, you have a high speed of 5000 gallons per hour. This is a really great feature to have in reserve, use high for backwashing of filters or making your waterfall really roar!

1 Horsepower, 2 Speed

Handles a 6000 gallon pond with no problem! 2.9 amps on low (11 amps on high speed) while pumping 3000 gallons per hour. 6000 gallons per hour on high speed. A good strong pump built to last and like all Dynamo pumps comes complete with a basket strainer.

1.5 Horsepower, 2 Speed

Pure muscle! This pump means business. Built to last and backed by a one year warranty. 3500 gallons per hour on low at 4.4 amps (15 amps on high) and if you really want to see the rapids on your waterfall, just kick this baby to high and watch as 7000 gallons per hour turns your waterfall into whitewater!