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Blue Ridge Probiotic Plus Fish Food
Blue Ridge Probiotic Plus Fish Food

Blue Ridge Probiotic Plus Fish Food

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Probiotic Plus Food is the same Growth Formula that you depend on, enhanced with Primalac probiotic, vitamin C and montmorillonite clay to keep your Koi and Goldfish healthy and thriving. Instead of food designed to heal an infection with antibiotics, Probiotic Plus is intended to strengthen Koi immune systems and help prevent bacterial infections from ever occurring. Feeding Probiotic Plus is most important during the most stressful times of the year for fish, particularly early spring when the water is warming, harmful bacteria are active, but the fish’s immune systems have not come out of dormancy and strengthened sufficiently to fight off bacterial infections.

Primalac probiotic works by maintaining an optimal microbial balance of good bacteria over pathogenic bacteria, increasing health and immunity. The addition of vitamin C strengthens immunity and increases overall health in carp populations. The final ingredient, montmorillonite clay, has long been a favorite tool of Japanese breeders and serious hobbyists alike.
  • Increased immunity to bacterial infection, reducing the chances your Koi fall victim to ulcer disease, fin rot and tail rot.
  • Improved digestion and increased growth rates
  • Floating pellet, 3/16" in diameter