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Strata Autumn Leaves Digester
Strata Autumn Leaves Digester

Strata Autumn Leaves Digester

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A mixture of very potent microbes that aggressively digest plant matter in ponds.  This is very helpful during the fall and winter seasons as trees lose their leaves.  Autumn Leaves Digester contains 13 strains of bacteria specifically designed to work on vegetation (sludge) debris.

  • Will enable your pond to have a healthier and safe environment when spring arrives
  • Builds a stronger immune system for the fish
  • If the Autumn Leaves Digester is frozen, the bacteria will still be productive after thawing
  • This product is specially designed to work in water temperatures down to 32° F (0° C.)
  • Use in Winter, Spring and Fall for sludge reduction
  • One year shelf life