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Aquadyne 8000HE Pond Filter
Aquadyne 8000HE Pond Filter

Aquadyne 8000HE Pond Filter

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The Model AD8000BHE Package includes a 2" High Effeciency Control Head with 2" plumbing in and out. This is the same control head and column as used in the Model 16000. The only difference is that the column is just 4 inches shorter in length, while maintaining the flow effeciency of the 16000. This model was introduced to accomodate clients who wanted to use very energy effecient pumps and not having to sacrifice too much water flow. If you want to use a low head, effecient pump in this 8000 gallon pond class then this filter may be for you. If you feel that friction loss improvement is beneficial to you, you will not be dissapointed.

The Model 8000 is an excellent choice for a bead filtration system for larger ponds. The Model AD8000 far exceeds the performance of most all competitive filtration units in it's class. Entering the 8000 class, the AD8000, and the AD8000HE both truly perform spectacularly for ponds in this size range.

The 8000HE is a High Effeciency version of the AD8000. While very much like the 8000, the AD8000HE offers the added effeciency of a 2" multiport valve which is further machined to decrease friction loss. The additional effeciency offered by this model will allow an improvement in water flow by about 15% to 20% with low head, high effeciency pumps. As with the 8000 this model includes the Dynamax air assisted backwash which makes this model extremely efficient in all ranges of waste loading. This unit will efficiently filter 8000 gallons of water with up to 165 pounds of fish or other aquatic inhabitants. Even under the heaviest of waste loading, the Dynamax will break up a loaded media bed with ease. The larger media bed is very forgiving of neglect. You can backwash the Model 8000HE with as little as 50 gallons of water. In an 8000 gallon pond you will hardly even notice a water loss.

The AD8000HE is yet still outstanding as an upsized filter for smaller ponds. This is especially useful when filters need to be left unattended for longer periods of time between backwashing. The AD8000HE can use a very wide range of pumps, single speed, dual speed, variable speed, submersible, low head, high flow or high head. See the advisory for specifics about upsizing and pump capacity in the FAQ's.

Here again the Model 8000HE is very well suited for applications where ponds or research applications under 8000 gallons need to be heavily stocked. The large media bed allows for an extraordinary accumulation of beneficial bacteria to consume high amounts of ammonia and nitrite. Also works exceptionally well for medium to moderately sized aquatic environments for alternative species exhibits.