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Water Treatments and Additives by Laguna


Laguna Barley Straw helps maintain superior pond water conditions in a completely natural way. The Barley Straw comes in small, slow-release pellet form for easy handling and convenience. Barley Straw is completely natural and will not harm fish or plant life.


Laguna Bio Booster quickly goes to work as soon as you put it in the water and provides long-lasting results. A biological water treatment, Bio Booster contains millions of beneficial bacteria that boost the natural biological efficiency of ponds as well as reduce and control toxic ammonia and nitrite. Bio Booster also matures filters and filter media, which is critical for the growth of beneficial bacteria. Safe for fish and plants, Bio Booster creates optimum water conditions for the entire pond environment.


Laguna Bio Sludge Control is specifically formulated to break down organic solids and pond sludge. The water treatment activates immediately when added to the pond water. A completely organic sludge remover, Bio Sludge Control is safe for fish and plants and will help improve overall pond water conditions.


Laguna Pond Clarifier Kit, Clear Fast and Phosphate Control Combo Pack. Quickly clears cloudy water. Clumps debris for removal by mechanical filtration. Safely reduces problem causing phosphates. Replenishes beneficial micro-organisms.


Laguna Pond Cleaning Kit, Bio Booster and Bio Sludge Control Combo Pack. Reduces and controls toxic ammonia and nitrites. Boosts beneficial bacteria in your pond. Breaks down organic solids and pond sludge. Clear water naturally.


Laguna Clear Fast contains a special fast-acting formula that quickly clears cloudy or discolored pond water and eliminates pea-soup-like water conditions. It also helps clump debris, making it easier for removal by mechanical filtration. Clear Fast is safe for fish and plants.


Laguna Liquid Peat naturally filters out sunlight in pond water, creating optimum water conditions. It includes a natural peat extract which contains a gentle, natural-occurring anti-fungicide that helps prevent fungal infections on fish while lowering pH in alkaline ponds. When administered at the recommended dosage. Liquid Peat produces a pleasant amber tint that serves as a perfect contrast to the rich colors of goldfish and koi and gives them a feeling of protection. The tint naturally filters sunlight in pond water and provides fish with needed shade. A natural product, Liquid Peat is safe and beneficial for fish and plants.


Laguna Pond Maintenance Kit, Water Prep and Bio Booster Combo Pack makes tap water safe for fish and plants. Instantly eliminates chlorine and chloramine. Boosts beneficial bacteria in your pond. Reduces and controls toxic ammonia and nitrites.


Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover is specifically formulated to absorb and trap phosphate, nitrite and nitrate. This will provide ideal living conditions for your fish, while also clarifying your water. Simply place the Phos-X packet (s) in your filter or in an area of good water circulation and it will remain effective for three months. For best results, start using Phos-X in early spring. Quickly reduces phosphate, creates a crystal clear water garden, safe for fish and plants, makes a great biological filter media when exhausted.
PHOSPHATE CONTROL Laguna Phosphate Control naturally improves pond water clarity and overall pond conditions. Phosphate is a major nutrient that can stimulate undesirable pond conditions that result in unclear water. Micro-organisms in Phosphate Control's super-concentrated formula reduce phosphate levels. In addition, Phosphate Control contains a powerful combination of natural bacteria that improves overall water conditions for pond inhabitants.


Plant Grow Helps keep plants strong and vigorous

Water Prep Makes tap or well water safe for fish and plants

Bio Sludge Naturally breaks down organic solids and pond sludge for clear water

Bio Booster Reduces and controls toxic ammonia and nitrite


Limescale can severely hamper the functioning of pond water equipment such as pumps, filters and UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers. The Laguna Magnetic Water Clarifier is designed to help improve the performance of pond equipment by inhibiting mineral salts from forming limescale. The formation of limescale on the quartz sleeves of UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers can block UV light from entering the inner chamber and inhibit performance. It is therefore important to control the growth of limescale to ensure that pond equipment performs optimally.