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UltraClear Koi and Goldfish Foods

Floating fish food pellets for ponds. Staple, Spring & Fall and Growth & Color Enhancement.



This formula promotes health, growth, and color enhancement in all fish from competition Koi to Goldfish. It intensifies your fish’s reds and blacks while maintaining brilliant whites. Feeding ULTRACLEAR Growth & Color food helps to promote good water quality.


Spring & Fall (Wheat Germ) formula is a natural vegetable and plant based Koi food that is easily digested. Our spring & fall formula has a unique blend of high quality natural vegetable proteins, amino acids and digestive enzymes. Feeding ULTRACLEAR Spring & Fall helps your fish to digest their food and keep them in optimum health in the beginning and end of the season when water temperatures are coldest.


Perfect, nutritionally complete and balanced staple floating fish food is an ideal fish food for use by all water gardeners, and is an economical and high quality product for daily feeding of your pond Goldfish and Koi. These floating pellets foods contains ULTRACLEAR unique blend of high quality natural ingredients. It includes our special blend of amino acids and digestive enzymes formulated for easier digestion. This helps to promote good water quality for the optimum health of your fish.