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Sicce Submersible Pond Pumps

EKO POWER 10 12 & 14
The EkoPower Pump range has been designed for applications in koi and ornamental ponds where an efficient and powerful pump is needed to keep the water clear and oxygenated while managing organic wastes and debris. This powerful range of pumps has a large surface area for filtration and a high performance pump inside that can also power surface skimmers, external filters and waterfalls. The EkoPower can process solids up to 1/4" without clogging!
This new range of grounded Syncra DW Pumps ensures high energy savings, quiet operation, ergonomic design, powerful performance, resistance to harsh conditions, and reliability. Filtration is guaranteed up to 2mm debris size while maintaining maximum performance. Their innovative construction, synchronous motors, ceramic shafts and unique rotors allow for increased electrical efficiency when low speeds are required. With their innovative technology, Syncra DW Pumps are versatile with a range of uses. They are ideal for waterfalls, ponds, pond surface skimmers, water gardening, and drainage applications.

Mi Mouse is a pump with excellent performance. Ideal for use in small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions. A totally submersible pump driven by a permanent magnet induction motor. Mi Mouse has variable adjustment of the water flow rate. The Mi Mouse is equipped with a fixed water outlet pipe 10mm high, with an external diameter of 13mm. Ideal for indoor fountains, aquariums, and tortoise tanks. The pump is fitted with vibration-dampening rubber pads that make it run quiet. 

Micra Plus Pumps are completely submersible recirculation pumps driven by a permanent magnet type synchronous motor for every type of aquarium, terrarium, internal or external fountain, landscaping construction, and for any application which requires the recirculation of water. The primary feature of these pumps is that the suction inlet is made from its bottom, which permits optimum operation even with very low water levels. Built in accordance with the most strict international safety standards, the pumps are easy to maintain and have incredible small dimensions for their elevated performance and reliability. The entire line is provided with a variable flow rate regulator as well as adaptors to connect flexible hoses from 13mm to 20mm. The compact dimensions of these pumps, make them ideal for use in small spaces.


Syncra High Flow pumps are engineered and tested to outperform pumps rated at much higher flow at equal head pressures. The Syncra HIgh Flow models, with all the great features of the Syncra line, incorporate new leading edge technologies that move them into a class all their own. This exclusive technology, combined with the new electronic engineering of the motor, assures optimized performances while maintaining low power consumption and maximum energy efficiency. The powerful permanent magnet synchronous motors ensure high energy efficiency and reliability for both submersed or external inline applications. SYNCRA HF pumps are engineered for a wide range of applications: gardens, fresh and salt water tanks, water cooling, above ground swimming pools, drainage, fountains and many other uses.

 SYNCRA POND PUMPS Syncra pond pumps are grounded high performance pumps which ensure high energy savings, quiet operation, ergonomic design, resistance to harsh conditions, and reliability. Innovative technology makes these pumps ideal for ponds, indoor and outdoor fountains, and all submersible and inline applications which require high performance and total silence.


The Syncra Silent is new range of energy efficient pumps that is absolutely silent. Don't be fooled - these pumps are powerful and versatile. Ideal for fresh and salt water aquariums, protein skimmers, indoor fountains, water-cooling and all submersible and in-line applications which require high performance and total silence. Thanks to Sicce’s 35 years of experience, Syncra Silent are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes the pumps 100% silent. 
The Ultra Zero Pump is submersible and is designed and manufactured for pumping cloudy water without large debris content. The ULTRA ZERO is intended mainly for domestic use in fixed applications or with manual operation, for draining basements and garages subject to flooding or for collecting rainwater, etc. It is a multi-purpose pump for solving all kinds of minor do-it-yourself problems in which water has to be eliminated or moved. No tools are needed to install it or for routine maintenance. Easy to use, ULTRA ZERO features make it very functional and extremely easy to handle. Great for water changes or pumping water in and out of aquariums, potable water tanks, water storage tanks, saltwater mixing containers, swimming pools, draining swimming pool covers, draining basements and more.