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Sicce External Pressurized Pond Filters


A new era in pond keeping. This new external pressurized UVC Bio-filter is available in two models - 25L & 40L - with great filtration capacity for small and large ponds. First, the water is forced through the sponges (mechanical filtration) and then through the bioballs (biological filtration) in combination with an effective 10W UVC sterilizer lamp to guarantee crystal clear pond water.
The reliable and sturdy Ninpheo Pond Filter tops the SICCE pond filter line for durability and efficiency and stands up to the rigorous demands of outdoor water gardening. This new pressurized UV Bio-Filter offers great filtration capacity for small as well as very large ponds. NINPHEO offers mechanical filtration (3 sponges of different densities together with an efficient UV sterilizer for crystal clear pond water.)