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Quality Fish Foods by Dainichi

Unequalled quality products for master breeders and collectors worldwide. Held to the highest quality standards in the world. Dainichi formulations originated at the most elite level of koi breeding in Japan. The only koi food in the world imported to Japan by top Niigata breeders. All Dainichi fish foods contain calcium montmorillonite clay. This clay contains compounds proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion and growth, as well as neutralizing metabolic toxins.



ALL-SEASON is an excellent year-round source of easily assimilated marine and vegetable proteins, as well as vitamins C and E. Spirulina and shrimp meal give this formula both mild color enhancing property and a moderately high protein content, making it especially great for colder weather when koi's metabolism is less active. As with all other Dainichi koi foods, the addition of calcium montmorillonite clay and un-cooked digestive enzymes give ALL-SEASON an unmatched digestion rate.


PREMIUM is an overall color, growth, and maintenance food. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other more specialized formulas. Featuring five sources of protein, of which spirulina, krill, and shrimp meal are also color enhancing, this formula is an all-time favorite with serious hobbyists and many top Japanese koi breeders.