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PondKeeper Water Garden Filters and Systems


PondKeeper filters answer the call for a high quality filter that delivers with an unbelievably low price. Five sizes available plus complete systems employing the PondKeeper filters.
The PondKeeper System uses an out of pond pump that is much more efficient than an in pond pump and there is no oil to leak into the pond. These pumps have 2 speeds so that you can run quietly and energy efficient on low speed and have plenty of power for a good backwash on high. The 2 larger systems come with their own built in UV to assure crystal clear water. Comes pre-plumbed on an all weather pad with all plumbing already done for you and media in the tank and ready to go. 2" union connections are at all fittings. Winterize the system in just minutes. Pumps and UV's come with 10' cords. 3 sizes available.
The PondKeeper media is so unique, there is no other exactly like it. Designed to protect sensitive beneficial bacteria during backwash, while providing huge amounts of surface area for the bacteria to live and prosper.
The PondKeeper filter utilizes a totally unique backwashing jetting system we call the "FLUFF-N-SPIN" system. Not only does the internal design of the filter allow for a "FLUFFING" of the media during backwash, but spins the bed and each individual piece of the PondKeeper media. This causes the media to get rid of any old bio floc that might be clinging to each piece, while holding on to the precious beneficial bacteria with in the filter. There is no other like it. Due to the "FLUFF-N-SPIN" agitation system and the design of the media, these units backwash beautifully using any low amperage koi pond pump.
Even the smallest PondKeeper comes with a Media Agitator to assure complete break up of the media pac inside the filter.
Two speed pumps are not necessary with the PondKeeper filter.
Higher quality injection molded tank.
Complete with 6 position Multiport valve that allows you to backwash, bypass to waste, bypass to recirculate, rinse. You can even use this filter to vacuum out your pond with the addition of a vacuum hose to your pump.
All PondKeeper Filters and PondKeeper systems come with Media Agitators
Same LifeTime warranty as the AquaBead and AlphaONE line of filters.
No clogging or channeling, with normal backwashing.
Performs both Biological and Mechanical filtering in one easy to care for unit.
Each PondKeeper unit comes complete with 2" unions for quick, easy installation.
Water drains on each unit.
Includes easy to read pressure gauge that tells you in an instant when the filter is dirty and needs backwashing.
Easy to see sight glass to tell you when backwashing is done. Unbelievably sensible pricing. The most value for your dollar on the market.

    PK1.25 1500 Gallons 16.5" x 36" Thermoplastic
    PK1.75 2500 Gallons 19.5" x 37" Thermoplastic
    PK2.5 5000 Gallons 21.5" x 39" Thermoplastic
    PK4.0 10,000 Gallons 24.5" x 42.5" Thermoplastic
    PK6.0 17,000 Gallons 30.5" x 47" Fiberglass