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Pond Pre-Filters and Solids Separators

Your pond pump is the heart of your pond system, not too mention a considerable investment that needs protection. Installing a pre-filter is a cost-effective way to protect your pumps, help pumps run more efficiently, and extend pump life.

Pre-filters prevent debris like leaves, stones, muck, and sticks from damaging your pond pump. A pump without a pre-filter can experience significant reduction in water flow as well as undue stress on the pump impeller.

Pre-filters also help ensure the safety of fish and other small pond inhabitants by preventing them from being drawn into the pump.


The heavy duty stainless steel basket in this monster can take whatever solids you want to throw at it. Made of all heavy duty stainless steel and available in both 2" and 3" sizes.



AquaSieve2 is a Solid Separation Pre-Filter. With this high impact, implosion resistant jewel you can quit being a slave to that strainer basket on the front of your pump. No more will you have to do daily bows before that tiny strainer basket on your pump as if it were your master. 

The Cetus sieve is a totally new, bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. It is designed to efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from a pond. It can be set-up gravity or pump fed and has many benefits over the original bow screen technology.

The MultiCyclone is a brilliant new pre-filtration device that can save you water, minimize pond maintenance, and help your water quality. The Multi-Cyclone 50 is a "Centrifugal, Solids Separation" pre-filter that literally spins particles out of suspension. Removing solids prior to the pressure filter decreases required cleaning frequencies and the amount of waste waster used.


The Vortek SS Delux revolutionizes the pond industry by allowing you to add a prefilter that truly separates all debris prior to the pump. Water flows to the Vortek SS Delux prior to the pump where the debris is removed. Water quality is increased due to the debris being held in place calmly instead of being broken down by the extreme agitation of the turbulence of the pump strainer basket. No more dirty strainer baskets to clean on a daily basis.