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Oase Submersible In-Pond Filters

The OASE brand of products includes several types of filtration to help improve the health and beauty of your water garden. Some filters can be operated outside of the pond while others are strictly considered "in-pond" filters. In-pond filters are designed to be added to your pond for additional filtration. The greatest advantage to having an in-pond filter is that they can sit anywhere along the bottom of your pond. When unwanted debris sinks to the bottom of the pond, it will have a greater chance to get to the filter, leaving you with much cleaner water. 


Large-surface satellite filter for connection to the second suction duct of the AquaMax-Series 4000-20000. Enables suctioning of polluted water on the pond floor.


The OASE Complete Filter Kit includes the essential elements for filtering ponds up to 1,300 gallons, and includes a diverter valve that allows for an additional water feature to be operated using the included pump. A nozzle set is included to create magnificent fountain displays. The filter kit includes a 580 GPH pump--which allows for flow control--and is suitable for ponds with fish stock.




The Filtral UVC 700 is complete filter system designed for pond shells and small ponds. The compact filter unit with integrated UVC technology and pump cleans and clears pond water. Can be installed quickly and inconspicuously in the pond.


OxyTex CWS - intelligent pond management with the OASE Clear Water System. The OxyTex CWS increases the performance of your existing pond filter system by up to 25%. A settlement surface of 3.5m sq. through which air flows ensure optimal decomposition of the micro organisms. OASE recommends that the OxyTex CWS be used together with the OASE AquaOxy aerator pump.