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Oase Pond Surface Skimmers

Pond inhabitants are not the only thing that can pollute the water, but the environment surrounding the pond is a major contributor. Pollen, leaves, debris, particles, and dust can be a major burden to the pond's eco system. Such pollutants float on the surface and cloud your view into the pond, especially if there is a slimy film from fish food. A skimmer is designed to draw debris from the surface of the water. It removes these floating particles before they have a chance to settle and impair the water's quality. Preventing the debris from settling will reduce the nutrient load and guarantees a clear view into the pond at all times. 


The AquaSkim is an in-pond skimmer that effectively removes leaves and other debris from the pond surface, without having to cut into liner.


Hassle-free and debris-free! The FiltoSkim 3000 skims the debris from the water’s surface to maintain a healthier and cleaner environment for your pond’s inhabitants. The skimmer includes all necessary parts for its simple installation and has a fish-friendly door. It promises simple installation, ease of use, and maintenance. Your fish will thank you!
When the sun goes down, the lights go on and a beautiful blue or white glow is cast upon the water cascade. Waterfalls pack more than visual impact - they supplement ponds oxygen, boosting ecosystem health for fish and plant life. The Lighted Waterfall with blue LED lights has a 12 in. wide spillway; the Lighted Waterfall with white LED lights has a 14 in. wide spillway.


The SwimSkim surface skimmer will do the hard work for you! It offers strong suction, does not require a separate pump and is ideal for retrofitting. Its powerful suction cleans a pond surface (coverage up to 270 square ft.). The SwimSkim floats along the surface of your pond, removing large debris. It is easy to use—just plug it in and drop it in your pond. The SwimSkim surface skimmer is designed to draw debris from the surface of the water for a prettier view and a healthier pond.