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Oase AquaActiv Water Treatments

The sensitive pond biology is frequently burdened by excessive fish stock, rainfall and too much sunlight or leaves. The consequences are poor water quality, excessive algae, and silt formation. The AquaActiv line is an effective treatment against these factors and restores the biological balance in the pond so you can help your pond to help itself.


One of the biggest dilemmas for a pond owner during the summer is algae blooms. Exposure to warmer air temperatures, sunlight and rainfall, can result in excessive algae blooms. The AquaActiv Algaecide formula maintains a healthy environment and consistently prevents a green water appearance. It’s completely safe and nontoxic. AquaActiv Algaecide Ponds & Fountains is EPA registered and only available in the United States.


AquaActiv Barley Pond Clarifier is made up of de-composed barley to keep the water clear. Traditionally, barley straw would be used to clear the murky water of the pond. However, it would sometimes cause frustration, due to the straw floating on the surface, giving a messy and unsightly appearance. This clear liquid formula utilizes the traditional method of cleaning murky water, without altering the appearance of the pond. Barley Pond Clarifier is an all-natural product that will keep your water clean and clear.
AquaActiv Chlorine Remover is a product that quickly removes chlorine, chloramines, and other heavy metals from the water. While normal tap water is safe for humans, higher levels of these elements can be harmful to fish and other pond life. This product is also enhanced with botanicals that maintain the natural slime coat for fish and their overall health. In addition, it will also aid in preventing ammonia burns, infections and parasites.


AquaActiv Pond Blue enhances the look of your pond, fountain and water feature by creating beautiful blue water. Adding this product to your water has multiple benefits. It can provide shade by blocking harmful UV rays that can create algae blooms in your pond. It also helps keep fish hidden and protected from predators. Examples include large birds of prey, raccoons and opossums. It’s completely safe and nontoxic to fish, pets, and wildlife. This is an ideal product for anybody who wants to offer extra protection for their fish while enhancing the appearance of their pond.


The AquaActiv Sludge Remover adds beneficial bacteria to your pond and breaks down the organic loads and fish waste that sink to the bottom. Our formula includes over 1 billion CFU’s. The Sludge Remover quickly goes to work by breaking down the bottom pond waste toxins and controlling odors to restore and maintain a healthy balance. This product also works in tandem with AquaActiv Water Clarifier.


AquaActiv Water Clarifier gathers floating particles at the surface of your pond. The formula works by clumping the floating particles together making them heavy. In turn, these particles will sink, making it easier for the filter to collect before they reach the bottom of your pond. The results are a crystal clear water appearance. This product also works in tandem with our AquaActiv Sludge Remover.