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Matala Ultra Violet Clarifiers


Matala pond UV-C Clarifiers are designed for Koi ponds and water gardens to help suppress blooms of suspended green algae, harmful bacteria, parasites, fungi, protozoan and viruses. Even in a balanced pond ecosystem, sudden blooms of such organisms can occur due to abnormal changes of weather, fish feeding behavior, mineral nutrient levels, etc. These blooms may result in green water, lethal oxygen levels or weakened health conditions for fish and aquatic plants.


The Matala immersion UVC is a simple non permanent solution for on the go ultraviolet filtration. Available in both 40 watt and 75 watt applications, this mobile unit allows for ultraviolet filtration wherever it is needed by immersion into the water body. This will effectively destroy bacteria and reduce disease outbreak potential drastically and would be a great water treatment.