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Matala Submersible Pond Pumps



Submersible vertical water pumps. Used for waterfalls, fountains and garden spraying. Irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds. Sump pit and washed water handling. Use at relay pumping stations or manhole to relay raw water. Used at livestock production facilities to discharge sewage. Used to discharge rainwater


Large waterfall, fountain and garden spraying. To irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds. For use to discharge rainwater. Sump pit and washed water handling. 10mm hole size in strainer. 3" female outlet fitting. 2-year limited warranty.


Geyser Max Flow pumps were specially designed with a composite resin base for high performance and low amps. Corrosion resistant. 1 1/2" and 2" discharge, 19' power cord, limited 2-year warranty.
NIAGARA TOP-FLOW PUMPS The Niagara Top-Flow pump is a self cooling pump. This cutting edge design pulls water from the bottom of the pump and flows over the entire motor before exiting the pump. This circumferential flow keeps the pump cool and prevents overheating even in low water level situations. Minimum water level 2 inches! Perfect pump choice for skimmer boxes with a potential for low water levels. Stainless steel housing in intake screen, 20' power cord, variety of sizes, head pressure up to 49'.
VERSI FLOW PUMPS The Versiflow line of pumps from Matala are excellent for heavy and continuous flow duty. The Versiflow can be installed vertically or horizontally, are fully submersible and handle solids like a champ.