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Little Giant Submersible Pond Pumps

Little GIANT Small Submersible pumps are designed for continuous circulation of statuary fountains. Made with some of the industry's most durable materials, our pumps reach peak performance when completely submerged. Submersible use only! Epoxy coated cast aluminum construction, includes 90 degree elbow. Oil-filled for cooling.
These unique pumps have two outlets enabling easy connection to two different components such as your filter and an ornament. The Little Giant Dual Discharge Pumps are powerful enough to power medium to large waterfalls. Each pump includes a discharge cap, use it in the event that you only need to connect one of the pumps outlets to your tubing. Submersible for underwater operation. Improved torque produces higher pressure than mag-drive pumps.
Little Giant's NEW wet rotor, water feature pumps offer exceptional engineering without the use of oil or mechanical seals. Designed with flexibility in mind, the wet rotor pump can be installed submersed or externally, vertically or horizontally. Created with NPT threads and SPIG fittings built in, this pump can accept various types of fittings/tubing adapters. Constructed without the use of mechanical seals or oil. Can be used horizontally or vertically, inline or submersible (submersible is recommended.)
Little GIANT FP Series Wet Rotor pumps are energy efficient and ideal for powering water features and pond filtration systems. These pumps are rated for continuous duty to operate in the most rigorous applications. Submersible in the pond or out of the pond water feature pump. Heavy duty stainless steel canned motor for extended pump life. Clog-resistant design, energy efficient.


Little Giant High Volume pumps handle liquid and solid waste materials up to 1/2" diameter solids. Epoxy coated cast iron motor housing for corrosion and rust resistance. Non-toxic oil filled motor housings for lifetime lubrication and rapid heat dissipation. Stainless steel screws, bolts handle and seal assembly. Mechanical shaft seal (stainless steel spring, nitrile parts, carbon and ceramic faces.) Low shut-off switch sold separately.
Little GIANT PES Series Pumps are designed to operate continuously with minimal energy consumption. They offer a corrosion resistant body specifically for submersible use. Easy to install and maintain they are ideal for 
table top features and a variety of applications.
Little GIANT PE Series Direct Drive Pumps are designed to operate continuously and product greater starting torque and more pressure than comparable mag-drive pumps. These pumps are ideal for use in filtration, waterfalls and streams. Submersible for underwater operation. Pre-filter is included to protect the pump.
These wet-rotor pumps utilize an epoxy-encapsulated motor and plastic housing. A permanent magnet is attached to the impellers. The magnet acts as the rotor would in a conventional motor. The water being pumped surrounds the rotor, thus the term 'wet-rotor". It is seal-less and oil-less. These pumps work well in water garden, statuary, and some industrial applications. Compact in design, these are the most energy efficient type of pumps Little Giant manufactures. The other side of this efficiency is very little starting torque. Therefore, the pump does not produce as much pressure and will not pump water as high as its' epoxy-encapsulated counterpart.
Constructed with stainless steel, cast iron and durable thermoplastic, this solids handling submersible water feature pump meets the rigorous demands of the most impressive water features. Solids handling ability.