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Laguna Submersible Pond Pumps


This Laguna Pond Fountain Pump Kit includes everything you need to generate powerful water circulation and beautiful water fountain displays in small to medium ponds. The kit includes an extendible riser stem and 2 interchangeable fountainheads that create pleasing fountain displays. The pump has an adjustable flow control that allows you to set the water flow to meet your needs. The pump's impeller is protected by a strainer cage that captures and prevents debris from entering the pump. The pump comes with a suction cup base for fast, easy installation and operating stability.

Laguna Statuary Pumps are ideal for small indoor and outdoor statuary, fountains, and waterfalls. These low-wattage water circulating pumps consume low amounts of electricity. The motor is hermetically sealed, with all live electrical parts immersed in protective epoxy resin, to provide total insulation against water damage and electrical shock. As a result, the pumps can be completely submersed in water and operate continuously. Energy efficient and oil-free.

    Designed to work in both vertical and horizontal applications these pumps can handle solids from 1/3" - 1 1/4" depending on the model, pumps are easily integrated into existing pond environments and water features. Constructed of Anti-corrosive and rust proof materials. Plug & Play, self sealing fittings. Provides excellent flow in a compact design.
    These powerful circulating pumps are essential for moving large amounts of water to systems such as filtration systems, waterfalls, and UV sterilizers. They can circulate dirty water laden with small- to medium-sized debris and take it to your filtration system for cleansing. Strainer cage protects impeller, assures continuous waterflow, and reduces clogging. Dependable solids handling capability. Click-fit coupling provides quick and easy hose connections.


    Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV unit is the perfect way to combine powerful water movement while still being able to create beautiful water features in your pond. Easy to install, with just one cable, PowerClear Multi is the easy way to a clear and healthy pond. With its Advanced Filtration process, each PowerClear Multi model comes with durable filtration foams to catch dirt and debris, a revolutionary 'Bio-Brick' to house beneficial bacteria and remove ammonia, and a powerful UV. Powerful enough to run both a fountain and a waterfall.


    Laguna "Electronic" Fountain Pumps employ an integrated electronic circuit board to continuously control impeller speed and force. This technological advancement has produced the most powerful, energy efficient pumps on the market today. Compare watt to watt, gallon to gallon, Laguna Pumps outperform. Universal Click-fit inlet connection for Underwater Power-Flo filters. Fountain heads included.
    Laguna's Skimmer Pump is ideal for use in the Laguna PT495 Skimmer. This pump is fully submersible and is designed to provide continuous water circulation for a variety of pond applications. Reliable, efficient, easy to use. Space saving vertical design, non-clogging vortex impeller.