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Filter Media and Filter Pad Replacements

Biological filtration entails the removal and/or conversion of pond solids, along with chemical wastes such as ammonia and nitrates — by different strains of bacteria which feed on them. Ammonia and nitrites can be extremely toxic to fish, and these various bacteria eventually convert both to nitrate, which is less harmful to fish, and is readily utilized by aquatic plants. Biological filter media provides a more open density or “weave” in order to allow for the free flow of water, while simultaneously providing a high surface area for the bacteria to colonize and “scrub” the water as it passes through. (see surface area specs) While biological media will act as a barrier to larger particles, its primary function is to provide colonizing habitat for beneficial bacteria. In some systems, a mechanical pre-filter is also used in conjunction with a biological filter.

Mechanical filtration simply entails the removal of unwanted particulate and detritus from pond water by trapping particles in a closely-woven filter media until the particles are removed from the media by cleaning…much like an air filter. Mechanical filtration is highly efficient, and will trap all but the smallest particles, but this same high efficiency requires the pad to be cleaned at more frequent intervals due to clogging.


Bio Comb fluidized bio-media effectively transforms harmful ammonia from fish waste into beneficial nitrates which release nitrogen to feed aquatic plants. Protected spaces within the media serve as "incubators" where thriving, hungry beneficial bacteria feed on ammonia and are continuously replaced with new blooms of healthy organisms. Bio Comb is an excellent filter media choice for gravity filters, pressurized koi pond filters, aquaculture, and hydroponics.


A black, spiral-shaped plastic media designed for filtration in aquatic systems. Loose fill media fits into ANY-shape container or filter: upflow, downflow, trickling, pressurized, rotational, etc. VERY easy to clean .. simply rinse off.  Will last for Years!
 HOZELOCK/CYPRIO MEDIA & PADS Foam, Sponge and Media replacements for Bioforce filters.


High surface area porous media is ideally used as a last step in the biofiltration process and plays a great role to stabilize pH and mineral content while further polishing and refreshing water quality. For pH stabilizing use 40-60 lbs per 1000 gallons of water. 


The advanced filter media for today's serious pond enthusiast. One look at Matala® will convince you of its practical and versatile qualities. The open, highly aerobic 3 dimensional structure promotes healthy water conditions and ease of cleaning in most non-pressurized filter designs. Matala® is a filter media that is simple and that works.


Manufactured using the highest quality fiber, components, process, and quality control.  All of the fiber used in this media is recycled. Pices and Mini Rolls are boxed for UPS shipping.


Premium-Max Bio-Balls 1.5" diameter. Use the Premium - Max Bio Ball to grow beneficial bacteria in your filter!