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EasyPro Submersible Pond Pumps

LARGE MAG DRIVE PUMPS High volume in a compact, energy efficient design! Asynchronous, mag drive pumps. Super quiet and energy efficient. No oil - fish safe! Can be run vertically or horizontally. Removable pre-filter screen.
EasyPro Submersible Mag Drive pumps stand out from the crowd in features, benefits and durability. With ten models ranging from 45 GPH to the industries largest, 9700 GPH! Mag drive pumps are unbeatable for low head applications and with few moving parts, their reliability is unsurpassed.


Spirit pond and stream pumps. Energy efficient direct drive pond and stream pumps ideal for use in skimmer. These compact units can be used vertically or horizontally. The new Spirit pumps by EasyPro are made in Italy with quality components for years of reliable service. Three sizes meet the needs of a wide range of pond and stream applications.


Combines pump, filter, UV and fountain into one complete unit. Ideal for small and pre-formed ponds needing simple effective filtration.
TB HIGH VOLUME PUMPS EasyPro TB High Head series pumps are your best choice for water features above 20'! Designed for use with higher head pressure. Top quality Japanese double mechanical seals. Thermal overload protection.


EasyPro Stainless Steel TH Pumps are Energy Efficient, Long Lasting, and Great pumps for waterfalls and streams. The TH Series of pumps have proven to be a great choice for ponds, waterfalls, fountains and similar applications. Thousands of these pumps are in use throughout North America in a wide variety of continuous duty applications. Compact design is ideal for use in skimmers. One of the industry™s best selling pumps!

TM LOW HEAD PUMPS EasyPro TM Low Head Series Pumps are perfect for streams and waterfalls! Top quality Japanese double mechanical seals for maximum life. Ideal for low to medium head waterfalls. High volume in a compact design allows for use in large skimmers. Thermal overload protection.
This submersible trash pump handles sand, solids, leaves, algae and other debris up to 3/8" x 1" in size. Ideal for waterfalls where algae and leaves are a problem, recirculating systems where solids removal is needed, dewatering applications where sand and sludge are being pumped, or any other dirty or clean water application where a high quality, continuous duty pump is needed. Great pond cleanout pumps.