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Easy Pro Pond and Lake Aeration Equipment

These diffused air systems utilize a shore-mounted air compressor that pumps oxygen through a hose to a special diffuser lying on the pond bottom. Since the bottom of the pond is where the most oxygen is consumed, it is an ideal way to deliver oxygen to where it’s needed most. As the bubbles rise out of the diffusers, they create a “lifting” or boiling action, which then creates considerable circulation throughout the pond. This circulation helps to prevent water stratification. The added oxygen and, equally important, the circulation created by these devices help to create a stable and productive ecosystem.


EasyPro aeration systems provide year-round benefit for only pennies per day in operating costs! 
Continuous duty compressors.


Diaphragm linear aeration kits include weather resistant compressors allowing use outdoors. Powered by quiet, continuous duty compressors, these small aerators do a great job of aerating all year long! Can be used in ponds up to 6' deep.


Provide some Koi Loving Care for your pond supplying adequate oxygen levels and circulation during hot summer months, or de-icing during freezing months, is critical for pond and fish care. Stratus KLC series compressors provide dependable aeration for water gardens, koi ponds or large shallow water ponds. With their quiet and energy efficient design the KLC Series compressors operate on just pennies per day making them the perfect choice to provide some Koi Loving Care to your pond.