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Delta UV Elektra Pro Sanitizers


As with all filtration equipment for koi ponds and watergardens, no one size or specification fits all needs. Sanitizing koi ponds requires larger UV units than other types of water treatment because of fish population, available sunlight and other considerations. Matching
the flow rate of the circulation pump to the proper size UV system is most important to achieve proper killing power of UV sterilization. All three series of sterilizers utilize Delta’s High Output (HO) low pressure lamp, capable of 30,000 μ/sec/cm2 output at lamp end-of-life (EOL) if design flow rates are maintained. The long life lamp lasts up to 13.000 hours – one year – of continuous use.

Delta has added 3" and 4" High Output EA Series models to the range of UV sterilizers used in bead filtration systems in order to provide pond owners more options. As with the other Delta UV systems, re-lamping is a simple job, and when design flow rates are maintained, pond owners can be assured of the highest quality water standard.


Delta Ultraviolet's Elektra® Pro UV sanitizers were designed specifically for the koi industry and are made of 100% stainless steel. They have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, functionality, performance and reliability. Four different models serve systems with water flow rates from 26gpm to 79gpm.