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Clear Pond Water Treatments and Additives

CHLORAMINE BUSTER A specially developed triple action compound that has the capability to separate the chlorine/ammonia molecule from the ammonia molecule and render the chlorine harmless, while at the same time reduce the "free ammonia" to safe levels for aquatic life. In established ponds Chloramine Buster may also be used to reduce ammonia where levels are high or toxic, whether or not chloramines or chlorine is in the water.


A polyelectrolyte that uses a derivative of chitin that is a single chain polymer of immense molecular weight and dense electrical charges. The charges act as hooks, gathering up suspended material in the water to "flocs" or flakes that can be filtered. Clears cloudy water safely and naturally. Biodegradable.
FALL AND WINTER FORMULA Contains live beneficial bacteria to keep ponds clean, clear and healthy throughout the long winter months. It prepares your pond for Winter by aiding nature in breaking down fallen leaves, sediment fish waste and excess food that has built up during Spring and Summer to keep healthy through the long Winter months.


Developed to promote the regeneration of damaged skin, fins or scales by mixing healing and protective coatings.


Clear-Pond Dry Formula (Sludge Remover & Clarifier) is a specially developed culture containing a variety of beneficial live microbes with enzymes. These bacteria and enzymes act to biodegrade old food, fish wastes, dead algae and organic toxins found in any fish environment, thus improving fish health by eliminating disease causing bacteria and reducing the need for medications. Uses nature's own way of ecologically balanced water purifications. When mixed with the nutrient rich water of the pond, over 56 billion dormant microbes in each ounce of Clear Pond Dry burst into activity and quickly multiply in the natural environment of the pond until they reach the level required to control polluting toxins.
LIQUID BSL FORMULA  A new innovative bacteria formula developed to be beneficial to pond life and is 100% environmentally safe, non-pathogenic and non-toxic. Should be used in spring to jump start your pond's biological system, and weekly to maintain a healthy pond throughout the summer season. Contains a blend of billions of various microbes (primarily Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter) which are known to be highly beneficial to the ecological balance of pond water.
TREATS ALL To keep fish healthy Treats-All has been developed, a general broad spectrum disinfectant for the treatment of disease causing bacteria, fungus and parasites. Treats-All also contains a double slime coat to aid fish in promoting natural body protection against infection. This unique formula means it can be used on a consistent basis.