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CalPump Submersible Pond Pumps


Calpump's stainless steel and bronze pond pumps are very reliable. Typically used in Koi or goldfish ponds to power filters and waterfalls, they can also be used with mid-size to large fountain nozzles. The S580, S900 and S1200 gph models have a 3/4" MPT intake and a 1/2" MPT outlet that easily accommodates 3/4" flexible tubing. All of these models must have either a screen or foam pre-filter attached to the intake. We highly recommend using the MAN foam filters. These pumps can easily be connected to biological filters, ultraviolet sterilizers, ultraviolet clarifiers and in pond filters.
MAGNETIC DRIVE WATERFALL CalPump Magnetic Drive Waterfall pumps use up to 40-60% less electricity than direct drive pumps. No seals, no oil.

Calpump Waterfall Pumps are solidly constructed with non-corrosive components, ceramic mechanical seal and a brass insert in the 1 1/4" FNPT discharge. Their water cooled design ensures safe and efficient operation without fear of harm to ornamental fish or aquatic plants. Pump construction is completely non-corrosive, water cooled - no oil, ceramic mechanical seal.


CalPump Torpedo pumps are lightweight, water-cooled and energy efficient. Oil-free, will not contaminate aquatic life, low energy consumption.