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Beckett Submersible Pond Pump Models

Since 1948 Beckett has been a recognized leader in designing innovative and reliable pumps for water gardening, industrial, and OEM markets. We are continually committed to making service, reliability, innovation, and value our top priority.


These pumps offer superior performance for standard and continuous duty operations. Environmentally safe and energy efficient.


High efficiency waterfall pumps. Use less energy than standard waterfall pumps. Designed for continuous duty operation with auto shutoff. Large capacity clog resistance.


These Versa Gold Series epoxy encapsulated Beckett Pumps have been designed for longer life in continuous duty applications, such as waterfalls and water gardening. These pumps are recommended for statuary and other clean water applications but are a great choice for small ponds when used in combination with a foam filter. All have screen inlet and 16' cord length. Intake pre-filter NOT included.