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Article - Storms!


Heavy rain and storms in the pond
Here, in SW Florida, all summer is our rainy season.  Our winter is your general summer everywhere else.  Preparing the pond and fish for the rain and lightning storms is something to consider.  Florida is the land of sunshine, but it is also the land of lightning and thunder storms.  With heavy rains, flooding can release pond fish into the water systems/environment, or worse, the street. 

What I’ve learned is to under-stock the pond, to prepare for power outages.  When the power goes out, with less fish, I don’t have to worry about oxygen depletion.  I also have access to a small generator, just in case, to power the aeration system if not the entire filter and pump.

In addition to this, I prepare for flooding by lowering the pond level below the skimmer, turning off the skimmer at times, to prevent my having to run outside in the rain.  I don’t want my fish harmed, but I would hate to be struck by lightning myself. And then, I slow up on the feeding, or stop entirely, so that when and if the power is out, I am not hit with ammonia spikes. My fish have gone through one rainy season here with me so far, and no harm came to us.  I keep hydrogen peroxide on hand in case of extreme emergency, but so far, have only had to soak my dog’s sore foot in it.  Now, snowbirds, see what you’re missing?