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Article - Springtime Lovin'

It's Springtime again and Love is In The Air!!

Summer lovin' arrives early

The winters here in Florida are relatively mild, so with the first warm days of April I noticed the toads and tree frogs were back in full force. Nightly 'serenades' that almost kept me awake at night, and daytime rendezvous' in all the cozy corners and hideouts.

These playful little critters absolutely LOVE the pond we put in, and flock here from all over the neighborhood, to swim and play in the pond.
They also seem to like to make tadpoles here, which is ok, as long as I can keep them to a manageable level.

The fish don't seem to mind them, and the frogs are pretty quick on their own, so I don't think it's much of a problem. I snapped these photos last week, during the morning hours, after a loud and active night out at the pond.

Last Fall, I had some trouble with excess tadpole eggs in the pond, but now that I have several large KOI in the pond, the frogs seem to know better than to lay their eggs there...
But they seem to still enjoy the exercise.