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AquaCulture Biological Bead Filters

Improve the health of your aquatic environment with the help of these effective bead filters.


A popular product in multiple industries and applications, the Bubble Bead Filters by AST offer easy maintenance and effective filtration. Perfect for aquaculture systems, research applications, quarantine systems, broodstock holding, and more. In addition to solids removal, these filters provide biological filtration, breaking down the nitrogenous wastes into non-toxic substances. Our gentle backwash removes the collected solids while keeping the necessary bio-film intact.


AST’s patented line of PolyGeyser filters offer a break-through in filter technology: automatic pneumatic backwash for hands-off maintenance and low water loss. 


Designed for high flow and highly loaded systems. These filters are easy to clean, easily automated, compact and very energy efficient. Utilized at some of the largest re-circulating fish production facilities, zoos, and aquariums, these units accept versatile loads ranging from low to high solids due to the active motorized back-wash system. The motorized embedded propeller is used for frequent washing of the media, removing captured solids and excess media biofloc. The sludge then settles to the bottom of the unit where it is drained, reducing water loss that is normally associated with backwash processes.