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Anjon External Pond Filters

The Anjon BioPro Filter with high-output UV clarifier filters ponds up to 4,000 gallons, providing optimum water conditions and crystal-clear water. Two unique options are available - with filter mats and bio-balls, or only filter mats. Filter pads will physically trap debris while bio-balls promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. The high output UV bulb eliminates single-celled algae which causes green water. Easy to use backwash feature makes cleaning a breeze.


With two-stage mechanical filtration, BioPro filters remove coarse and fine floating particulates. Biological filtration promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that converts ammonia and harmful waste into healthy nitrates that promote a healthy pond environment. Built-in UV Clarifier with 18 or 24-watt bulb and quartz sleeve kills free-floating algae; a glowing light will indicate that the UV light is functioning properly.