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AlphaOne and AquaBead Plus Pond Filtration Systems Information

F R E E   S H I P P I N G


This system is what started it all back at the beginning of the prepackaged filtration systems craze. Once people found out that we were sizing, pre-plumbing and marketing  filtration systems where the hard work was already done for them, the systems moved out fast and the flow has not stopped! We've taken the work out of choosing just the right components for your pond. Take a look at what you get in one of our PLUS Systems.

The  PLUS System includes all of the following for ponds:

  • AquaBead or AlphaONE Filter of various sizes
  • An Energy efficient 2 speed pump or an Artesian2 pump of your choice as an upgrade.
  • One of the Zapp Pure Stainless Steel High Intensity UVs or the new ZapPRO HO UV
  • PLUS System PrePlumbing Package that includes all plumbing, pipework, unions at all connections with all weather pad(s) ready to set up and enjoy.
  • Note: Picture shown with optional AquaSieve2 Prefilter.


Plus system 1.75 - up to 2500 gallons 


Plus system 2.5 - up to 5000 gallons 


  Plus System 4.25 - up to 10,000 gallons 


Plus System 6.0 - up to 17,000 gallons 


Plus System 10.0 - up to 30,000 gallons


The AlphaONE and AquaBead PLUS Systems™ are completely assembled, plumbed and mounted on a durable, all weather pad that is ready to install when you receive it. Now, that's easy... How easy?  As easy as hooking up an AlphaONE or AquaBead filter by itself.

Hook up is simple, we've done the hard part for you. In a space of 36" X 48" for the smaller units and a space of 48" X 72" for the larger units, you can have a filtration system that can take care of your entire pond. You have everything that you need on this system: Pre-filtration, Filtration, Pump and UV all in one.

Notice that all connections are made with Quick Disconnect Unions. Why is this important? Ask us in a few years if you need to make changes or repairs.  With these unions, you won't have to get out the hacksaw and start cutting. Just loosen the unions by hand and then retighten by hand. You'll be glad you chose the AlphaONE or AquaBead Plus System™. We want you to be happy with your purchase, not only immediately, but down the road, too.

We are always conscious of getting maximum flow out of our systems for energy dollars spent to move water. That is why you will find we have used sweep fittings on all water pathways throughout the system. This results in less restriction and allows the use of energy efficient pumps to be used on all of our systems. Less restriction means higher flow through and the use of more efficient pumps means dollars saved on energy usage.

All of the electrical components come with plug in cords, so just plug and play.  Have a favorite brand of pump you might want to use on our PLUS Systems™? No problem we carry a complete line of our own WunderFlo Pumps and Performance Pro Pumps for you to choose from, as well as other specialty pumps...

There's no need to do the hard work, we've already done it for you. If you need help deciding which system is right for you give us a call and we'll be glad to assist you.