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Planning A New Pond

Have you gone outside and said, ‘I’m sick of looking at that long stretch of grass.  Maybe I’ll put a pond in there’?  Do you have a window with a view that can be brightened up by a water feature?  Great!  That’s the essence of what goes into a new pond.  You have to do the planning before you dig the hole.  Everything starts with a vision, a dream of something new and wonderful.  So, like any other investment, you’ll want to do some research to find what will best enhance your life.  A water-filled-hole-in-the-ground that is always murky and smelly is not going to make your life any more pleasant.

            Planning comes in stages: dreaming, visiting nurseries, talking to other pond owners, talking to pond builders, and then comparing notes.  Do you need a permit for a pond?  Do you need a fence around it?  Do you want to be soothed by the pond, or do you want it to be something exciting?  This all depends upon what you put INTO the pond as well as where you place it. 

Do you want it right outside the window, where you can see it everyday (right way)?  Or do you plan to put it as far toward the back as you can, out of the way (wrong way)?  The back of the yard is going to present difficulty with electric and water (when doing water changes or topping off the pond).    Up next to the house will provide years of enjoyment and make the pond a focal point of your yard.  Then, when you have the best place for it, and you know the difference between a water garden and koi pond, it’s time to start shopping for the necessities: liner materialfilter, plumbing (PVC pipes, valves, and connections), pumps (submersible or external), construction equipment, and rockery.    While you’re at it, line up lots of friends that might owe you a favor.

If the research and planning are done well, the execution and enjoyment are guaranteed!  The world is YOUR OYSTER!

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